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Heels & Steel is an online pole competition for ALL pole dancers who love to dance in heels! This competition is open to international participants.

***All participants must be wearing heels in ALL categories.***

Low Flow

This category explores movement around the pole and on the floor without tricks, climbing or any aerial element.


RX Style

If you're into Exotic Hard Style, this category is perfect for you. Movements involve fast and slow movements and transitions, and powerful moves and tricks on the pole.



No pole? No problem! This is an off-the-pole category where dancers use the floorspace to create movement and flow. 

Chair Dance

Another off-the-pole category where dancers perform movements on and off the chair.

Pole Doubles

Perform with a partner with any pole dance styles - low flow, rx style or old school.

***All participants must be wearing heels in ALL categories.***



Participant has not placed in any pole, floorwork or chair dance competitions.



Participant has placed and/or won in a pole, floorwork or chair dance competition.


- Complete registration  form and pay the Entry Fee of 35USD

- Participants may enter in more than one (1) category. Submit separate registration form and entry fees for each category.

- Registration is until March 15, 2023

- Finalists will be announced on March 25 , 2023. All finalists will receive an email with the confirmation, criteria for judging, and the mechanics of the competition.

Video Entry Requirements

- Minimum 1 minute. Maximum 2 minutes

- Must not be edited

- You may send Youtube links or Instagram links. Make sure video or account is set to public.

Important Dates

Registration deadline: March 15, 2023 

Announcement of Finalists: March 25, 20233

Competition date: May 14, 2023

Criteria for Judging

Concept: 20%

Choreography: 35%

Technique: 35%

Audience Impact: 10%

* Entry fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

* Heels & Steel Organizers reserves the right to move you into a different category or level if found that you do not meet the requirement for the category or level you registered for. 

* Panel of judges will be announced prior to the streaming.

* This is not a Live event. All performances are pre-recorded. 

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