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A Pole Teacher's Perspective

Celebrating our 4th annual recital titled “Director's C4t” at Pole Dolls Dance Studio was one of my most memorable experiences since starting pole dancing classes, because one, it was my first time to direct a recital performance for a group of students, and two, it was also the first time a group has to perform around a spinning pole, and here is the exciting part...with wings!

Our theme for our pole spin number is the classic 90’s drama City of Angels. What we had in mind here is that our students are going to have to perform spinning pole with gigantic-fallen-angel kind of wings and not with those little cupid ones. I don't think anyone has ever tried this before on a spinning pole, at least in Manila, and resources in the internet of pole dancing with wings are pretty scarce.

I pondered about the limitations of wearing wings while on the spinning pole. Firstly, any kind of twisting poses around the pole such as the ballerina or inside leg hang is impossible, as the wings are going to hinder these movements, so I knew that most of the tricks involved are almost always facing or positioned away from the pole such as genies or top hand viva's. Secondly, the wings slows you down a lot in spinning pole if you did not take off with enough momentum, and struggling around the pole would almost make you stop spinning.