Meet Teacher Myk, the queen of sultry! After having discovered pole dance by chance while browsing the internet, she eventually found Pole Dolls Dance Studio to continue her pole and aerial journey, A Pole Champion and an XPERT certified instructor. Keep reading below for how Myk discovered pole and dance.

How did you discover pole and aerial dance/fitness?

I was browsing through Metrodeal and came across a pole dance voucher.

Do you have a dance or fitness background?

As a teenager, I enjoyed dancing and sports. I joined our school's sports fest activities and competed in high school pep squad.

What is something you're most proud of as a pole dancer?

I have always loved dancing but didn't feel passionately connected to the kinds of movements I was doing before. Discovering and learning exotic pole makes me feel at home. It feels natural for me. I am very proud to be athletic, artistic and sensual all at the same time.

What is your favorite move or trick?

Splits! It's my go-to trick, be it on the pole, floor or chair.

What is your favorite or memorable pole dance performance?

I have 3 hahaha! First is my sultry performance even if I cringe watching the video lol.

Out of all my exotic performances, I super enjoyed Sexy Floorplay Nev3rland the most.

Pole Intervance will always have a special place in my heart. It is my first spin contemp performance. The whole journey made me cry every rehearsal. It was so heartfelt and physically challenging.

Describe your training regimen and how do you stay motivated?

I work on my strength more than my flexibility hehe. And when things get a little too tough for me, I take a break with a short and simple exotic dance.

What do you like most about teaching?

Helping people discover new and amazing things about themselves.

What is a motto you live by?

Sexy is a state of mind.

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